Combine all critical tasks and relevant information in one place.

Dashboard Management Features


Create dashboards to organize your work by quickly and easily combining all required information from all apps in one place, as widgets on the dashboard. Create multiple personal dashboards to group actions and widgets into common functions (e.g. billing, sales, etc.) as well as organization-wide dashboards as the landing page of each app.
Bring all frequently-used actions (features) from any app into your personal dashboards for quick access.
The Dashboard app provides a complete set of widgets for you to access and view any data across all apps. You can display any data as counters; charts; lists; gauges; or summaries. Use drag-and-drop or auto-layout options to arrange your dashboards. Use widget colors to emphasize information meaning.
View Details
Click on a widget to quickly open the corresponding app and view full details of widget data.
Easily share configured dashboards and widgets with other users across your organization. Users can either copy or link shared dashboards. Changes to linked dashboards are immediately visible to all users sharing the same dashboard.
App Dashboards
Configure the landing page of each app (Customer360, Orders, Fulfillment, etc.) to display as an organization-wide shared dashboard.
Effortlessly import and export dashboards to copy them across different environments.

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